A new XDJ-XZ 4 channel controller from Pioneer DJ has been spotted online.

I love my CDJs. They are hands down, THE industry standard setup of choice to play whenever possible and I smile every time I fire them up. That said, I’m also a fan of the portable and gig-friendly XDJ-RX2 Pioneer controller. The XDJ-RX2 has a good number of features of a full NXS2 setup with a lot more portability for certain gigs. The XDJ-RX2 has never let me down, and it’s just so easy to transport. After a few years of using the XDJ-RX2, I’ve been hoping for some updates to the controller and it seems Pioneer may have answered some prayers.

Rumors have been circulating online about a successor to the XDJ-RX2 with 4 channels along with a few other upgrades. This drop seems like it will happen soon. It appears that music store Korn based in Germany just publicly posted on their site that the XDJ-XZ will be in their online store or inventory soon. The listing looks to be taken offline now and here are some screenshots while the info was accessible to everyone along with the images they posted.

It’s unclear if this information is accurate or true. The only information to go off of is what was listed online by Korn. The search result that came up appeared to say it supports Rekordbox and Serato and the photos posted by Korn also displayed that. The Google result had it listed at €2,299.00 which translates to just over $2,500 USD when checked online just now. That was European pricing though likely before other fees, shipping, etc.

If all this is true, the XDJ-XZ should be an awesome new Pioneer controller with some much-hoped-for improvements over the XDJ-RX2. Fingers crossed! 🤞


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